5 Incredible Luxury Adventures in Antigua and Barbuda


Once you are done daydreaming about your ideal vacation and actually move on to actual plans, you will realize that few places on Earth are more calming and beautiful than the Caribbean Islands. With its breathtaking scenery and memorable experiences, it is no wonder that the white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Islands have always been hugely popular for traveling and vacations.

If you are indeed traveling there, we have picked out a few spots and activities which are sure to provide you with some of the best memories of your lives.

  1. Picnic on a chartered yacht:

If your preference lies more on the surface water instead of the depths, you shouldn’t miss out on chartering a yacht and going on a picnic while taking a tour of the glorious coastlines of Antigua and Barbuda. Life’s Picnic charters have their own specialty in preparing mouthwatering gourmet picnic lunches to make your trip truly delightful.

  1. Scuba Diving at St. James’s Club of Antigua:

Or if you are the more adventurous type, do check out Scuba Diving at St. James’ Club of Antigua. No matter if you are only just learning how to dive. You can easily grab your gear from the club and jump right in the beaches. The Mamora Bay Dive School provides a truly breathtaking experience of exploring coral reefs and even the shipwrecks of long-gone years found along the coastline.

  1. Relaxing at the Blue Spa:

The Blue Spa is easily one of the best spas in the world and the best one in Antigua. It offers a wide range of services from facials, massages, and several healing rituals which are sure to leave you in a blissful, euphoric and relaxed state.

  1. Dining at Le Bistro:

At St. John’s in Antigua, you can find an exceptional hut French cuisine in the famous Le Bistro. The restaurant has, hands down, one of the finest wine lists from all over the country and an incredibly delicious and fresh seafood menu that is guaranteed to make you return night after night. Le Bistro is an extremely popular spot for foodies or if you simply want to spend a quiet, candlelight evening.

  1. Touring Antigua and Barbuda by helicopter:

If you are willing to go the extra mile to make your trip truly amazing, helicopter tours should be on your list. The Caribbean Helicopters Ltd provide chartered flights and helicopter tours for the most remote and secluded areas of the country with the most incredible view every. You can observe the Barbuda wildlife, have a tour of the volcano at Montserrat or you can even charter a flight for your own customized adventure.

Truly Antigua and Barbuda should be on the bucket list for everyone. Their natural beauty, along with the services provided, will ensure that you have the best vacation planned.