Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program

Just imagine how beautiful it would be to live the rest of your life with your family in a place that resembles Eden on earth. Wouldn’t that be bliss? Well! If you love to see beautiful beaches and amazing views with all the vital and luxurious facilities to live your life, then Antigua and Barbuda take you with open arms. The entire place appears to be a heaven on earth. The gorgeous tropical islands of Antigua and Barbuda have a mesmerizing atmosphere that represents the true beauty of Mother Nature. Living in this state as a citizen is like turning all the fantasies into actualities.

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Program Details and Fee Schedule

The willing candidates are required to invest an amount of US$100,000 in the National Development Fund (NDF) of Antigua and Barbuda including other fee charges, such as “Due Diligence Fee” and “Passport Fee”. On successful investment, the applicant along with his or her family can easily apply for Antigua & Barbuda citizenship and official passport.

Below are the points that will help you get all your questions regarding this program’s fee:

      a)  Processing Fee
Whether you are an individual or a family of four persons, you are required to pay $25,000 as the processing fee. How if your family or dependents are more than four, then for each of the extra dependent you are required to pay $15,000.

      b)  Contribution
As stated above that you are required to invest US$100,000 in the National Development Fund whether you are a single individual or your total family members are up to four persons. However, if your family members are 4+ then you have to contribute US$125,000.

      c)  Due Diligence Fee
As an individual, you are required to pay US$7,500. But if you are willing to settle with your family members (four or more than four dependents), then you also have to pay US$7,500 on behalf of your spouse, US$2000 per dependent between the age group of 12 to 17 and US$4,000 for those dependent who are above 18. Even for the dependent parent, the due diligence fee is applicable, which is of US$4000. Dependents from age 0 to 11 are exempted in this scenario.

      d)  Passport Fee
For every passport, you are in need to pay USD$300. The amount remains the same for an individual applicant, as well as, for all the dependents.

Benefits of Becoming a Citizen of Antigua and Barbuda

Getting Antigua & Barbuda citizenship leads to diversified benefits, such as:

• Ease in acquiring residency through simple requirements as low as 7 days annually.
• Citizenship of a Common Wealth Nation.
• Quick citizenship processing time (3 to 6 months only) than any other country.
• Visa-free traveling to 130+ countries.
• Family citizenship by investing as low as US $100,000.
• Fixed dollar rate (US$:1.00: EC$2.70).

1. Security to Life and Economic Conditions

Inspired by the English law, the rules and regulations of Antigua and Barbuda provide security to your social and economic values. Having a respectable position among the Common Wealth Nations and the United Nations, this country believes in abiding all the international standards. The currency is fixed to the rate of US$:1.00: EC$2.70 and English is its official language.
One of the best things about Antigua and Barbuda is that the country is considered to be entirely safe and sound by the travel advisories of USA and Canada. Last but not least, the GDP is found to be growing every year and currently, it is worth the US $1.5 billion as confirmed by the World Bank. 87% of the young population is school going confirming the uncompromising behavior of the country with even basic education. Moreover, life expectancy is confirmed to 76-years of age, which ensures a healthy environment.

2. Excellent Educational Facilities 

Antigua and Barbuda is a hub of top-notch schools, colleges, and universities. Studying in this heavenly nation ensures magnificent education within affordable charges. The state ensures all the modern techniques and teaching methods to excel the intelligence of their students. From the basic education to professional programs, every course is set in a real-time method to make sure the information is transferred in an unforgettable way. So, you the opportunity to enroll yourself in one of the finest universities in this country, such as:

• American University of Antigua
• University of Health Sciences, Antigua

As a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, you even have the opportunities to study in one of the top educational institutes of the USA and UK. These countries offer scholarships to those who want to increase their knowledge under the supervision of some of the most influential faculties and management. Some of the honorable names include:

• American University of Emerging Global Leadership, USA
• University of Canterbury, UK
• University of Sydney, Australia

3. Ease of Traveling

No more long delays and tardy procedures when you decide to travel to other countries on Antigua and Barbuda citizenship passport. Travel hassle-free to 130+ nations a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. So don’t miss the chance of experiencing cultures and traditions of other nations. As traveling boosts your confidence and gives you mental and physical satisfaction. So, among the long list of the countries, here are a few names where you can travel without any obstacles:

• United Kingdom
• Switzerland
• Turkey
• Germany
• Norway
• Spain
• Singapore

4. Lavishness and Solace

Antigua and Barbuda’s environment is a perfect way to safeguard your health. The relaxing atmosphere and clean air allow you to breathe purity. Living in this country not only gives you access to prosper economically but also secures you from harmful ecological impacts.

Antigua & Barbuda citizenship

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