British Columbia Changes Eligibility Requirements for Entrepreneur Stream

British Columbia has introduced a minimum language requirement for Entrepreneur Immigration (EI) – Base Category program. As of 29 January 2020, Entrepreneur candidates are now required to meet a Canadian Language Benchmark Level 4. Meeting this language requirement is set to be the condition of nomination. A benchmark score of 4 is considered as Basic Proficiency which means:

  • communicate basic needs and personal experience
  • follow simple formal and informal conversations
  • read a simple set of instructions in plain language
  • write short messages or notes

The minimum score required in the designated test to score CLB 4 is:

British Columbia changes eligibility requirements for entrepreneur

Eligibility requirement changes are effective for new applications and do not impact those candidates who have already applied to the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program – Base category. Successful business establishment and better integration of immigrant entrepreneurs into B.C. communities are supported as a result of this change. Research suggests that proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages has continually a strong impact on the economic and social integration of immigrants into their new country. The timing of language requirement by nomination allows strong entrepreneur candidates a possibility to enhance their language ability once they arrive in B.C. to establish their business.

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