Benefit of Canada Citizenship by Investment

November 19th, 2016 was a surprising day for Canada because its immigration website had crashed down due to a sudden influx of searches on “how to get Canadian Citizenship by investment”.

Canada is a popular destination both for tourism and residential/work. Each year, the Canadian Immigration gets thousands and thousands of visa applications from people all around the world. Those who are unfortunate enough to be rejected are left truly disheartened.

There are many benefits for getting Canadian citizenship by investment, the obvious one being that you can freely pursue your business interests with no bureaucratic hindrance or any immigration red tape problems. If you are a reasonably skilled worker, Canada provides a whole lot of opportunities for you to explore. However, you should also be aware of other factors which may not seem as attractive. The visa process alone is quite exhausting and costly and the cost of living in Canada is also quite high.

Keeping everything in mind, here are 3 reasons why Canadian citizenship is highly coveted.

  1. Quality of life:

Let’s face it. Canada has a much better quality of life than most countries around the world. It is important to note that although Canada is not exactly heaven as depicted in vacation pictures or on social media, it still provides a much better standard of living as evidenced by the presence of various concrete data and researches done. Canada ranks higher than the US in terms of community, life satisfaction and work-life balance along with education and living environment.

  1. Language:

The official languages of Canada are French and English. All government forms are available in both but English is more commonly spoken. A recent consensus claims that 60% of Canadians speak English while 21% speak French.

Most of the French speakers reside in the province of Quebec where French is the official language. Regardless of where you are residing, you must have sufficient proficiency in any of these two languages when you are applying for Canadian citizenship.

  1. Visa-free travel:

As of 2018, passports of Japan and Singapore have been ranked the strongest. But Canada’s passport still offers plenty of benefits in itself. Canada’s passport was ranked the fifth strongest of the world in 2018 behind the UK and USA. A Canadian citizen can travel visa-free to 185 countries. Plus the Canadian government promises to help you 24/7, should you require any consular services in almost 150 countries.

The entire process of gaining Canadian citizenship by investment is long and tedious from applying for permanent residency all the way up to taking the citizenship test. Possibly it may take several years before you officially become a Canadian citizen but if you are serious about your plans and are willing to go the extra mile for them, you should be patient. It is worth it.