Canada extending international travel restrictions till February

In a continuous effort to fight against the spread of Covid-19, the federal government has extended the travel restrictions for international travellers. They have added another month to the restrictions as announced by the federal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair.

It was also announced yesterday that the restriction on travelling to the US will be valid till February 21. The Canada-US border have been closed for travelling since March 2020 with a mutual understanding between Ottawa and Washington. However, it has been extended many times.

There also have been restrictions on International travelling since March in order to protect the locals or Canadians from the pandemic. The restrictions were mostly on non-essential travel to the country. However, there are no restrictions for Canadian residents and citizens to return to Canada to their extended and immediate family members. In fact, they can even welcome them.

All the international travellers having the age of more than five years have to provide proof that they have a negative Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction test. The test should be done within 72 hours before they departure for Canada. This test is compulsory for everyone travelling to Canada. Before traveling to Canada the travellers must have a quarantine plan that will specify how and where it will be carried out as no one is exempted from completing a 14 day quarantine period.

Travellers are also advised to use the ArriveCAN app. This app is operated by the border service officers. Travellers can share their information and learn how they can comply with the measures for the pandemic. This app is used by all the travellers who conduct daily self-assessments and share their information to the officials to make sure that the process of quarantine is completed.

Travellers who break the quarantine that is enforced by the government will be subjected to imprisonment and heavy fines.