Canada Speed up Sponsorship Applications Process

Canada immigration

The month of October and December are going to be very beneficial for Canada spousal sponsorship. The Canadian government has aimed to speed up the spousal sponsorship application process and seek to process at least 6,000 applications per month. This has been announced by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

To speed up the process of reviewing spousal sponsorship applications, IRCC has increased its staff members by 66%. This has increased the processing time and reduced waiting time for the applicants. In addition to this the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has also increased the utilization of new technology to digitize the paper applications. This has enabled IRCC employees to work from home and to work remotely. The use of technology has also quickened the process of applications.

It was further told by IRCC that they will also implement biometric facilities but no further specifics were given. The coming weeks will also be a turning point as the interviews of the applicants with the help of technology will be conducted remotely to ensure that there is no hurdles in the process.

All the initiatives taken by IRCC reflect at prioritizing, finalizing and accelerating the count of applications each month to 6,000 each month till the end of the year 2020. By the end of 2020 the total for the applications to receive a decision will be 49,000.

The IRCC further noted that due to the pandemic many Canadian permanent residents and citizens who were looking to sponsor their spouse have faced uncertainty but with innovation and compassionate ways IRCC will make sure to bring families together.

There have been protests on the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic to the spousal sponsorship application process to which the Immigration minister Marco Mendicino has recognized these challenges and made sure that the government is taking appropriate steps to bring the families together in such a difficult time.

Under the last immigration levels plan of 2020-2022, the Canadian government had targeted 70,000 spouses, children and partners to be with around 341,000 immigrants, who were aimed to be welcomed in 2020. These plans were affected by the spread of this pandemic.