Canadian business startup – Explained in perfect simple way

The selection of Canadian Business Immigration Program depends on your profile, business vision and family settlement objective.

Canada has more then 80 immigration programs, multiple streams are available to people around the globe. In general, what we have seen in business streams, the entrepreneurs or investors usually having following two options:

  • to start a new business
  • to buy an existing business
  • To go for non-refundable cost currently at CA$ 350,000/-. This option will give you direct unconditional permanent residency with full facilities of healthcare & education starts from landing.

Every entrepreneur likes to avail the best business opportunities in the world. Canada is one of those countries where most of the entrepreneurs like to do business due to business friendly conditions. To know how to get it, you should comply with basic conditions first:

  • *Personal net worth of CA $400,000
  • Commitment to create minimum 1-2 job opportunities from Canadian business
  • A minimum of two years of experience as business owner or employee at senior level
  • No criminal background
  • Business Plan

When you will apply for the business work permit or residency, you will have assessment of the application including the age of applicant and the spouse. Language skills of the applicant will also be taken in to consideration along with the duration of the work experience which applicant has done. Although there are plenty of businesses opportunities in Canada but you need to make use of the ones which are compatible with your current situation.

If you get able to qualify for the business program for entrepreneurs, then you will be able to obtain the immigration for Canada along with your family. All the applications can avail this no matter where they reside in Canada other than the Quebec. Canadian entrepreneur program demands the application to make sure that he/she has 33.33 percent in some lawful Canadian business.

If you have plans to start business in Canada, then you need to seek help from the top professionals for your application processing. Experienced consultants can ensure the correctness of your visa application in timely manner. Right advise, correct choice of program and a perfect application will increase your chances of starting a successful business & settle in Canada.

*Note: Personal net worth is not your cash at bank. To check which of your assets qualify, you should speak with our Counsellor.