Canadian Government declares New Immigration Priorities 2021

Immigration in 2021 is still a priority for the Canadian government. This was expressed within the mandate letter called, new supplementary letter, issued to Marco Mendicino by Justin Trudeau. The mandate letter as we all know is the most important Canadian immigration policy document.

The mandate letter focuses on the guidelines of the Canadian prime minister to the IRCC. The guidelines include changes in the immigration levels program, new additions to immigration plans and improving the immigration process, and other related issues regarding immigration. The previous mandate letter included the 2021-2023 immigration levels plan which had a target of entering 400,000 new immigrants every year. The new mandate letters issued by Justin Trudeau to Medicino supplements the old mandate letter issues in December 2019.

The need for a new mandate letter was because there has been new parliamentary sessions due to which new objectives have borne out because of the pandemic.

The new mandate letter includes the following:

  • Continue welcoming the newcomers in Canada to support post Covid-19 recovery and Canada’s economic growth by increasing the pilot programs like economic class immigration streams, regional pilot programs and family reunification.
  • Continue implementing measures to provide PR pathways to the candidates who have provided health care in care homes and medical facilities. Even to the people who have given essential services during the spread of the pandemic.
  • Continue working with cabinet colleagues to help protect the health and safety of the people working on Canada’s ports of entry with compassion.
  • Identify new and additional PR pathways for the temporary foreign workers.
  • Continue to work with the Minister of Employment, workforce Development and Disability to protect all the workers in danger of being exposed to Covid-19 and to fill more workers if needed in food processing and farming.
  • Continue working with provinces and other territories of Canada to provide settlement support to newcomers including the training of French language.

The new supplementary mandate letter does not have any new surprises. It explicitly outlines the goals that the government has already been pursuing during its time under power. It adds more onto the goals mentioned in the previous mandate letter of December 2019. The new mandate letter refers to the fact that Canada will continue to operate its immigration system to make sure that it harnesses the talents and skills of the newcomers to support its economic health that was lost during the spread of pandemic.