Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino says “Come to Canada”

In the light of the recent pandemic the world is facing, the USA has been affected the most by it. Hence President Donald Trump has recently signed a new Exclusive Order to halt and limit the immigration to the USA 2020. This Exclusive order was applicable from June, with the expiry till December 2020.

According to the administration of Trump, the step was taken to secure the 525,000 jobs. It was expected that much of foreign nationals will not be able to work in the country due to this Exclusive Orders.

Due to the crisis of this pandemic, the unemployment rate throughout the world is on the rise including the United States and Canada. There has been a long debate by the administration of Trump that because of the immigrants, the Americans are not able to be employed. According to them this pandemic will help the Americans to stand on their feet. On the other hand, Canada has an opposite perspective that immigrants help to create more job opportunities which is why they widely accept immigrants.

This Exclusive order includes that the U.S. will not issue new employment-based visas under L, H-2B, J, and H-1B Visa categories. The H-2B visas are mainly for the non-workers agricultural, L Visas are of the Intra-Company transfers, whereas, J visas are for educational and work visit exchange programs. The people who are outside the U.S. and the ones who do not have a work valid visa are suspended under this Exclusive Order. This order also gives the government of the U.S. to exempt certain individuals from suspension.

The H-1B visa is very popular in the USA as it issued to 85,000 people throughout the year. It usually let the employers of the U.S. to hire employees with high skills and knowledge. It is observed that most of the people who face difficulty with obtaining the H-1B Visa, go for obtaining permanent residency in Canada through its Express Entry System. These individuals have high level of education and professional work experience.

Another important development happened when President Trump signed executive order to ban USA immigration, the same day Canadian Immigration Minister Mr. Mendicino gave statement “Come to Canada”. The Minister said, Canada is still committed towards immigration and they look forward to welcome new immigrants, temporary foreign workers, international students and people on work permits. He was heard of saying immigration will boost Canadian economy.

Canada has it’s 3-year immigration plan revealed which indicates a huge lot of opportunities in terms of ways to immigrate to the dream country.