Choosing the right country as second home

The most important decision to shape family’s future. Investors around the globe invest in second citizenships so they can become a global citizen or moving with family to another country. While giving it a thought, they like to take many factors in to consideration, some of them are

  • Safety & security
  • Diversity
  • Multiculturism
  • Economic conditions of the country
  • Immigrant friendly policies
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Business friendly policies
  • Nations way of life
  • Political stability

So on so forth…..

Many developed countries give change to the people to invest in their economy and in return get residency or citizenship for themselves & family.

Countries like Canada give you a good chance to make it your second home. You need to apply for the resident program and you can obtain the visa to conduct business by investing a certain amount. Canada is a good place to do business with good economic conditions and business friendly policies. Turkey can also be a good place if you don’t want to move towards the Canada or any other country. You can invest around USD 250,000 & become Turkish citizen in just 3 months. Unlike many other Muslim countries, Turkey attracts a lot of tourists and this can certainly increase the chances of your business success.

Some other countries like Portugal, Malta and Cyprus also give good settlement opportunities and you can avail them to have your second home in these countries. You just need to define your budget and then you can explore the countries which can serve you with better business opportunities. Return on investment in business is very important and you also need to make sure that you opt for the country which can give you maximum return in your business in minimum time.

Immigration consultancy firms may tell you so many friendly countries but you need to make sure that you do your own research and opt for the country which suits your business and family interests. A good and reliable firm like Immigration Ways can help you in this regard by understanding your requirements and give you the best suggestions based on your requirements. Teams of experienced professionals are always available to help you in your business visa application for a successful business setup.