Citizenship by Investment – Your Passport Is a Freedom or a Limitation?

Current situation of world has molded our lifestyles. It seems like the entire world is in the captivation of misery and this is the pandemic which is ruling all of us.

World is lockdown at the moment and every country is on the verge of biggest hit to its economy. Powerful economies are allocating a high budget to come out of the crisis but 3rd world countries cannot with too much pressure on them. Recently US announced $ 2.2 trillion as a corona rescue package. Germany plans to spend an extra €156 billion due to this pandemic. Chancellor Rishi Sunak in UK announced the budget of £30bn in order to boost the economy. According to the prime minister Justin Trudeau, Canada will spend C$1 billion ($728 million) to fight the corona and its implications. Top countries have the resources to deal with the crisis financially but people in third world countries are afraid of healthcare, food & financial crisis. Governments of the third world countries don’t have enough budgets to deal with the crisis. Imagine if you would have second passport of developed country, you feel uncertainty where you are with family, so you could have the choice to stay or move with your family.

We have reviewed Residency & Citizenship Programs for you and here are the Top Programs:

Antigua offers direct citizenship & passport for a family of four at US$ 100,000. The passport worth visa free access to 130+ countries. You can get this passport in 3 months. Explore with us.


Turkey, an eastern European country, if you want mobility and an opportunity for a visa free access to over 100+ countries, then you can opt for the Turkey at the starting price of US $250,000. Explore with


Portugal GoldenResidency Program has been one of the famous in the world, over €1.4 billion has been invested by people to get residency, you can get Portugal’s residency by investment of €280,000. Explore with us.


Bulgaria Residency & Citizenship Program allows you & your family at an investment of €195,000. Bulgaria’s passport is one of the strongest with 171 visa free destinations. It’s a quick process of 6-8 months.


a country needs no introduction allows investor & family for residency at price of €150,000. Explore with us.


is offering citizenship program, gives you a chance to get visa free access for 124 destinations at a starting price of € 350,000. The program is accepting limited applications. Explore with us.


Cyprus a beautiful country with strong reputation, the passport gives visa free travel to 174 destinations.Theresidency & citizenship is offered against investment of€ 2,000,000. Explore with us.


Canada most sought residency, famous for it’s multicultural society, best healthcare & sound financial standing, it reallycan be your perfect destination place for residency and its residency costs start from CAD$ 200,000. Explore with us.


For individuals & families, the key benefits of holding an alternative passport include expanded travel mobility, real feel of freedom, access to business and educational opportunities on a global scale, ease of asset diversification, and improved safety and security in a rapidly changing world, world class healthcare and quality lifestyle.

When you apply a citizenship by investment then it means that the person can get the full citizenship against their contribution in the economy. On other hand, residence by the investment is similar but candidates are provided with the residency which may be extended to citizenship later on.

If you are interested or curios to have second citizenship & passport, you can contact IMMIGRATION WAYS. The company is Internationally Authorized via Citizenship by Investment Unit to deal with Citizenship Program. Immigration ways have a large network of satisfied clients and we are offering online support in this pandemic. We are available on call. You can meet us through video conferencing as well with prior appointment.

You can apply now, the programs are open or after the restoration of the normal life routine, you can opt for the best possible place while doing the right investment.

We make sure information send by our potential clients remains extremely confidential. Please rest assured.