COVID-19 update: IRCC Resuming Processing of Online Applications for Visitor visas and eTAs

In recent news, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will reopen the process of online applications for visitor visas (including transit visas) and Electronic travel authorizations (ETA’s) with possible limitations.

Continuing with the processing and final decisions on possible visitor applications will be of great help to (IRCC) to assure there’s no hindrance, and hasten people’s travel when travelling conditions get better.

Nonetheless, since the travel restrictions are high, applicants should be aware even after getting a visit visa or eTA, that not many will be able to travel knowing how covid-19 has limited our travel plans.

The processing of Study permit and work permit applications have also started as well as of permanent residence applications, to a certain degree. However Paper applications for visit visas will not be processed until further notice.

An Initiative has been taken for the applicants to complete all the necessary steps for the application process, which also includes giving their biometrics. A few visa application centers (VACs) are resuming soon, for further information applicants can check the relevant VAC in their country.

Those applicants, who are allowed to travel to Canada, must have to quarantine themselves for 14 days, possibly at their own arranged accommodation, when they arrive in Canada, as per a compulsory condition, even if the applicant has little to no symptoms.