Dual Nationality | Countries offering Second Citizenship – how to get it?


In the world where developed countries offers direct citizenship options in return of investment & financial contribution in their economy, IMMIGRATION WAYS reviewed all the programs and brought the top 8, fast & secure programs for your information, here goes the list:

  1. Canada
  2. Portugal
  3. Malta
  4. Cyprus
  5. Montenegro
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Turkey
  8. Antigua

The benefits of immigration to developed countries includes expanded travel mobility, real feel of freedom, access to business and educational opportunities on a global scale, ease of asset diversification, and improved safety and security, world class healthcare and quality lifestyle.

If you are interested or curios to have dual nationality & passport, you can contact IMMIGRATION WAYS. The company is Internationally Authorized via Citizenship by Investment Unit to deal with Citizenship Program. Immigration ways have a large network of satisfied clients and we are offering online support in this pandemic. We are available on call. You can meet us through video conferencing as well with prior appointment.

We make sure information send by our potential clients remains extremely confidential. Please rest assured.