New Regulation can Speed up Your Educational Credential Assessments (ECA)


Making your foreign degrees equal to Canadian ones have never been this easy before. An organization which provides such reports have announced this year that they will be cutting down the requirements of paperwork that was needed for Educational Credential Assessment.

Immigrants will now have to just submit their last highest academic credential according to Markham, an Ontario based company which provides world education services.

If any candidate sends all of his academic credentials along with the highest academic credential then that would slow down the process for the candidate.

ECA is needed by the foreign nationals who have completed their education outside of Canada and have to

  • Earn extra points for education they got from outside Canada
  • Be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Foreign nationals who will be bring their spouses can also earn points from their spouses’ education while coming to Canada.

The changes in the process of WES are quite are similar to the guidelines made by the Canadian government. The website of Immigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada also states that a candidate now only needs to get the assessment of his highest level of education. This means that if someone has done their masters from outside Canada would only need to get their master’s degree assessed rather than their bachelors.

Candidates applying for Canadian immigration do not need to have ECA from any organization told by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, if they have

  • Post-secondary education from a Canadian institution of at least one year.
  • Personal net worth of $50 million in Canadian dollars.

There are a total of five organizations which can produce ECA in Canada.

  • International Credential Evaluation Service
  • International Qualification Assessment Service
  • World education service
  • International credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • comparative Educational Service.