Latest News: New Federal Government and it’s Impact on Immigration in Canada

October will be a vital month for Canada as this month will bring up the federal election where Canadians will choose their new federal government. Many anticipating a conspicuous alteration in immigration policies after the election. With the Canadian Federal election just around the corner, knowing each party’s visions on immigration has never been more imperative. The United Nations reported last year that Canada is the fourth most accepting country in the world for immigrants.

According to the leader of Liberal Party of Canada and existing Prime Minister Trudeau; Upcoming elections will be a way out for Canadians to move ahead rather going back to failed dogmas of the opposition.

Political campaigns will come to cessation on the conclusion of Canada’s 43rd General Election on October 21st, 2019. Popular opinions reported that immigration might be affected as a result of a ‘tug of war’ between two parties. As per the 2016 tally by Statistics Canada, 21.9% of the Canadian population are either immigrants or given permanent resident status.

2019 Canadian Federal Election and its Impact on Immigration Levels

Immigration levels are now an upright issue in federal election amongst the leading parties of Canada.

In 2017, the Liberal Party government presented a different approach to immigration levels planning including the gradual increase of immigrants over 3 years. On the contrary, “Conservative government if won, will set the immigration levels consistent with what is in Canada’s best interests” said by Scheer, a leader of Conservative Party.

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Are you considering to enter Canada with the intent to get permanent residence status?

Then being informed on the parties’ immigration platforms can help you make the decision that suits you best, or help you inform others.

Key Points


  • Improve application processing time than before.
  • Provide real time application status to ensure fair procedure.
  • Directly link the entry system and permanent status with Canada’s economic growth.
  • Business immigration to Canada will be preferred as this would help in progress of Canada’s economy.
  • Weight on trade and industry settlement was fundamental to Conservatives as when they had administered Canada between 2006 and 2015.


  • Multi-year immigration plan to accept more than 1 million permanent residents between 2019 and 2021.
  • Incline towards the programs like Family Reunification and Express entry as compared to specialized business immigrations.
  • Under the Liberals’ government the economy and business is growing faster than before as Canadian unemployment is at an all-time low.
  • Forthcoming immigration plans would likely scale up immigration levels even further — a government advisory body has floated 450,000 new permanent residents annually.
  • The Liberals have been in power since 4 years and in second term they might bring up all the favorable changes in immigration policies.