Why not to apply for Family Immigration in 2020? See Expert’s Advise

Covid-19 has affected the whole world and world is uncertain about the exact consequences. Due to this pandemic, different countries in the world have implemented restrictions on entry & exit. Every country has tightened the rules for the quarantine.

People think to stay at home and here we are explaining you how to relocate to a new country like Canada, UK or Europe, see our reasons that completely relates with the real situation happening around us, let’s have a look at it from our lens.

The work permit or immigration programs are open and it usually take 6 to 12 months to secure approval or visa, the times vary as per selection of country & their relocation program, keeping this in mind you are not supposed to travel now rather after a year or minimum of six months. Second prospective is that people who were busy with offices now have time to focus on what really matters, so you can utilize this available time to work with your paralegal & legal teams for immigration program from brainstorming in selection of country & program to gathering paper work, work on your business concept with us, finalize your app & submit it. Final approach to this segment comes from a saying ‘Every crisis is an opportunity’, businesses in Britain, European & North American countries have been adversely effected, this allows an opportunity for people who are willing to move to these countries along with family with a commitment of starting or buying an existing business and in return gets immigration for their family. The capital investment immigration program is one the most sought way of relocating to the developed countries where your money is invested in your own business with benefits of getting family immigration.

Please note the immigration streams in Canada & UK are open for submission of new application. Let’s have a look at another prospective below.

Immigration ways is here to help you and you can schedule a consultation with us ‘Free of Cost’. We will provide you the right consultation as per your prospective plans linked with your & family relocation.