Healthcare System in Bulgaria

National Health Services and Healthcare System in Bulgaria are govern by the Ministry of Health through the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), healthcare is universal and state-funded. Insurance system covers primary treatments for insured individuals. In major cities hospitals have well-trained medical professionals, modern wards, cutting-edge equipment, and standards that are equivalent to European states. Bulgaria ranked under the best 100 Healthcare and Medical sectors of the world.

Doctors in hospitals are also multi-lingual. The public university hospitals, emergency centers, psychiatric clinics, centers for transfusion hematology and dialysis are govern by the state. Private healthcare in Bulgaria is advanced and well-equipped that includes all primary medical, dental and pharmaceutical care, and specialized outpatient care.Find out how to apply?

Doctors and dentists: To benefit from treatment it is essential to consult a doctor or dentist that has settled an agreement with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). Treatment is free, although patients will have to pay a consumer tax equivalent to 1% of the Bulgarian minimum wage.

Prescriptions: Medication must be obtained from a pharmacy that is contracted to the Bulgarian NHIF. Patients may have to pay part of the costs if the medication is not subject to full reimbursement by the NHIF.

Hospital treatment: Diagnosis and Treatment is paid by the NHIF, there may be some additional costs which the patient will be informed about prior to treatment. A consumer tax of 2% of the minimum wage for Bulgaria is paid for each day of hospital treatment.

In case of any serious emergency or when ambulance is needed, call 112. This is a toll free number.

Bulgaria Social security

Maternity benefit: 90% of the basic income is paid for 410 days, beginning 45 days before the expected date of childbirth.

Paternity benefit: 90% of the insured’s basic income is paid for 15 days after the childbirth.

Sickness benefit: 80% of the basic income is paid from the fourth day of sickness until full recovery or certification of permanent disability, whichever occurs earlier.

Child care benefit: 380 leva a month is paid until the child is age 2.

Bulgaria Health Facilities for PR Holders

PR holders will be entitled to access state-funded healthcare based on their residency status. Healthcare in Bulgarian citizens and others employed or living in Bulgaria must register with the NHIF to get Bulgarian National Health Insurance Card. Citizens and PR holders will have to present the card every time they see a doctor or dentist.

Europeans traveling within the European Economic Area are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which shortens the procedure when receiving medical assistance during their stay.

The EHIC allows all legal residents of Bulgaria to benefit from emergency medical treatment and care when temporarily abroad. The EHIC entitles the holder to the same treatment at the same cost as a national of that country. The card is valid for public hospitals or treatments and not for private.

PR for family

Bulgarian citizens using the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when visiting other countries ensure that their card is valid, its validity is indicated on the card. Each member of a family, including children under 16, must have their own card. Further information is available from the local social security office.