Higher Education in Bulgaria – Europe Citizenship

Ministry of Education and Sciences overlook the Higher Education in Bulgaria. Education is compulsory till the age of 16 and is free of charge at state-owned schools. Pupils with different first language, may study their mother tongue in municipal schools under the protection and control of the state.

Annually, scores of foreign students choose to study in Bulgarian universities. Study in Bulgaria is equivalent to study in European Union. Bulgarian universities are recognized by international institutions in spheres like Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science etc.

High Levels of Education in Bulgaria

There are 51 accredited universities in Bulgaria. Most universities offer courses in English, French or German and provide dual degree (Bulgarian and degree from the partner international university) such as US, European, or Global recognized degree from Bulgarian universities. Fees are one of the economical if equated to European Union countries.

Scholarships, Student Loans, Tuition Fees and Living Costs for Education in Bulgaria

Scholarships are highly recommended and the conditions for application are the age of student and should minimum grades requirement. International students can avail full or partial scholarship through various schemes like Fulbright Bulgaria, Eastern Europe Study Abroad, Science and Law School scholarships.

Students can also avail the loan facilities through banks, offered by many universities. For student loan a student must be under the age of 35 and registered as a full time student in Bulgaria.

Education in Bulgaria

Universities offer internship opportunities and have number of associations with other academic institutions. Bulgarian universities are in top 100 best universities in EECA (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) where students are enticed by good high education levels.

Bulgaria is considered as the start-up champion of Europe and has the 9th lowest unemployment rate in Europe. Many people find jobs during their studies in Bulgaria and settle down after graduation.

Bulgaria is an innovative, creative and forward looking country with best Bulgarian start-ups include Claim-Compass, Melissa Climate and Enhancv.

International students Education in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a diversified cultural country. Students from more than 50 countries studying in Bulgaria, are from Greece 26%, UK 14%, Turkey 14%, Germany 8%, and rest are almost from more than 45 countries.