British Columbia Provincial Nomination Entrepreneur Program – Business Program

Immigration to British Columbia

British Columbia, the most ethnically diverse province is home to the Canada’s third largest city Vancouver. Multiculturalism is a way of life in B.C. It benefits its entrepreneurs from its strategic location on the Western Canadian coast, low taxes and multicultural human recourse. The British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Stream is operated by the province of British Columbia. It is designed to attract experienced business owner-managers or senior business managers who want to live in British Columbia. It allows to invest in a commercially viable business in British Columbia and grants temporary work permit of Canada. Selected applicants must sign an agreement to establish proposed business or purchase an existing business. Once the conditions are fulfilled, applicants will be nominated for permanent residence.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to immigrate to British Columbia is,

  • Main applicant must have a net worth of at least $ 600,000 CDN of himself or in accumulation with that of his spouse for Base Category.
  • Principal applicant must have an experience of over 3 years as a business owner of more than 4 years as a senior manager.
  • Applicant must have two years of post secondary education or have an active business owner-manager experience for at least 3 years of the last 5 years with 100% ownership in the business.
  • Applicant must make a minimum investment of $200,000 CDN and control at least one-third of the equity in the business.

Investment Requirements

  • Minimum investment $200,000 CDN is required.
  • Main applicant must control at least one-third 33.33% of the equity in the business.
  • Principal applicant must create at least one permanent full-time job for Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Steps to Successful British Columbia PNP Application

  • Meet the requirements to be eligible and register online through BC PNP.
  • After the invitation is received, applicant has 120 days to submit complete application online.
  • Establish business according to the terms and conditions of your Performance Agreement. Minimum amount of time to submit a final report is 18 months after issuance of a work permit.
  • Principal applicant, including his/her spouse or common-law partner and dependent children (if applicable), can apply to IRCC to become permanent residents of Canada under the Provincial Nominee class.

After meeting residency requirements, applicants can apply for Canadian citizenship by investment.

Immigrate to British Columbia with Official Advisors of the program

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