How to Immigrate to Canada 2020

immigrate to Canada

Canada is a country of outstanding beauty being made up of ten provinces and three territories. It is a member of G8, NATO, Commonwealth of Nations and United Nations. It is the second-largest country in the world ranked by area and globally considered as one of the best countries to live in.

Reasons for Immigrate to Canada

  • Multicultural and Diverse Country

Canada is a country where one can experience different cultures and their harmony. The most multicultural city Toronto is home to many ethnic neighborhoods.

  • World’s Largest Economy

Canada maintains 10th world largest economy since 2015. Canada’s GDP is currently at $1.71 trillion and is expected to touch $1.74 trillion in 2019 and $2.13 trillion by 2023.

  • Globally Recognized Education system

Education system in Canada is considered one of the best education systems. Canada is ranked as the most educated country in the world by fulfilling the Criteria for Evaluating Development. Universities like University of Toronto and University of British Columbia ranks among top 100 universities in the world.

  • Fastest Growing Tech Industry

Tech industry is one of the fastest growing industry. This flourishes the opportunities for the tech talent. Toronto along with other cities is having a lot of attention for its rich tech talent.

  • Universal Healthcare

Canada has publicly funded universal healthcare system. Canada is ranked 30th among 191 member nations in the World Health Organization’s rankings of healthcare system. Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible for public health insurance, which usually covers most medical issues.

  • Ranked #1 in Quality of Life

Studies regards Canada as top ranked country in quality of life. According to a new report by CEOWORLD magazine, Quebec, Canada is the third safest city in the world. It has the lowest crime rate in North America.

Find out how to apply?

Benefits of permanent residence in Canada

  • Right to live, work and study anywhere in Canada
  • Access to the Universal healthcare
  • Right to free education up to the age of 18
  • Right to apply for Citizenship after 5 years

Popular Canada immigration programs

To be a permanent resident in Canada, immigration programs are the pathway to apply through an immigration program. The most popular streams are:

Immigrate to Canada as an Entrepreneur:

The program attracts individuals with business experience and with high net worth to establish business and settle with family in Canada. Many provinces offer a range of entrepreneur stream within their Provincial Nominee Programs for permanent residence. You can start your assessment to see if you qualify. Few programs are mentioned here…

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

British Columbia Provincial Nomination Entrepreneur Program

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

If you apply as a skilled worker:

Immigration to Canada from Pakistan through Federal Skilled worker program

The program is for highly skilled workers willing to immigrate to Canada. Federal Skilled Worker program has minimum requirements for education, work experience, and language ability. The individual can settle anywhere in Canada outside Quebec, as this province has its own skilled program.

Provincial Nominee program

Provincial Nomination allows the provinces to select the individuals interested in immigrating to Canada. Each province has at least one stream that is aligned with the federal Express Entry system. These nominations adds 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

Achieve your goal of Canada immigration via Express Entry

Get assistance with your Canadian Immigration with Experts

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