In-demand Jobs in Canada for 2021

The economy of Canada has been recovering from the pandemic and it is expected that lockdowns, curfews and restrictions are expected to lift. Many businesses started to make changes and adapt to the restrictions. Many businesses shifted to work from home. Video calling platforms and online collaboration was widely used by the businesses. Other businesses that could not adapt to such practices and required physical attendance had to follow government’s advice and safety policies.

Business adapted to the crisis of the pandemic but many people have lost their jobs. However, this is expected to change in the second half of the year.

Top jobs in Canada

Following positions are expected to be on the rise due to high demand.

  • Driver: All types of drivers are on high demand due to the pandemic; the most in demand are truck drivers who are responsible to supply essential goods to stores and hospitals in Canada.
  • Customer service representative: Due to the pandemic the need for customer service representative increased rapidly as people wanted to speak to a real person for their problems.
  • Registered nurse: Even before the pandemic, the need for a registered nurse was high. According to an estimate Canada will require 60,000 nurses by next year for the aging population.
  • Electrical engineer: Many different companies depend upon complex communication systems to operate through the whole crisis of the pandemic. Electrical engineers with diverse skill sets are high on demand.
  • General laborer: There are many positions to be filled and the need for general laborers is also very high.
  • Accountant: During the pandemic and in such times of financial inconsistency, accountants are high on demand as they help many businesses with decision making regarding growth.
  • Financial advisor: Many people in Canada feel financially insecure due to which they need an advice of the expert, therefore the need for financial advisor is a lot in Canada.
  • HR manager: HR managers helped a lot into making HR policies regarding work from home and health and safety policies for the workers. They have responsibility to keep the employee morale high which is why they are demanded.