Malaysia suspended it’s famous Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) Program

Due to the current pandemic throughout the world, the Malaysian government has temporarily halted the MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) visa. This is not the first time the Malaysian government has taken such measure. Not long ago from now in 2018-2019 they suspended this program.

This temporary halt has been addressed by the Malaysian government as a period of revision for this program that will bring more improvement to it. Other than this they have given no further details of the reforms or the potential changes to the program.

Many of the applications for the MM2H visa have been rejected in 2019. No justifications or reasons for the refusal were given. This made the year 2019 a very puzzling year for the applicants and many associations.

Recently the news of MM2H office rejecting the visas emerged in the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. This made the Immigration Director-General Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud to announce that the applications for MM2H will now be handled by the immigration department rather than the office in MOTAC.

It was declared by the Immigration Director that all the matters of MM2H will now be decided by the immigration department from 6th July. Many people thought that this move might cause the program to close or shut down but MOTAC updated the media about the program hours after the announcement by the Immigration Director.

The Minister of Tourism, Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri informed the media on 2nd July that the program would face a further temporary halt because of the MCO (Movement control Order) in place in response to the pandemic. This would help the government to review the program properly.

The minister even added that as the government will have more time, it will help the government to improve the MM2H program and look upon the opportunities and the process of approval.

He even announced that initially it was planned to reopen the MM2H visa in December 2020 and due to the halt of this program it doesn’t mean that it is being ruled out. This program helps to grow our economy which is why the government is trying their best to get everything done by December 2020.

The minister even highlighted that even though this program is on a halt in Malaysia. The MM2H is still running in Sarawak, a state in Malaysia that is the largest and is located in northwest side. The MM2H is still up and running over their because it has its own laws on immigration and land policies, for Example, The participant can buy properties worth no less than RM 300,000.

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