New Brunswick Objective to Increase Immigration

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The provincial government of New Brunswick has aimed to increase immigration in the province. The recent provincial elections are won by the New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Party, who have given a promise that in order to help the economy to grow and the population they will increase immigration.

The increase in immigrants will have a lot of benefits to the province within the next three years. The policies which are proposed by the Progressive Conservative Party are very favorable for the new comers.

Blaine Higgs, during the election campaign made sure that their government will continue their five year action plan which has a focus towards population growth. To start off the plan, the government has announced to attract 7,500 immigrants every year till 2024. This is the maximum amount of immigrants allowed by the Canadian federal government; while on the other hand, the provincial government has set its goal to attract around 10,000 immigrants by the end of the year 2027.

Through the Provincial Nominee Program the provincial government wants to increase the francophone immigrants in order to increase the growth of francophone culture. This would make up the immigrants to be 33% of the population by the end of the year 2024.

The goal of making francophone immigrants to be 33% of the population in New Brunswick was actually supposed to be achieved this year but has been proposed again and is set again. The key to increase population is mainly to attract families and to encourage them to stay, said by Higgs. In order to fulfill that the retention rate set by the government is to be 75% for the five years.

Other than this the party is willing to work with higher learning institutions and professional associates to help the government to attract international students, skilled workers, professionals and young population in the province.

The province of New Brunswick is having labor shortages because it lacks skilled workers. According to the government, in the next ten years around 120,000 jobs will be unfilled. The reasons for the shortage of skilled workers are that the province has more elderly population, low birth rate and the rate of youth migration is high. The only way to increase the population is to relay on immigrants. The migration of immigrants in the province will lead to fill the labor market needs and population growth.

The government has also showed interest to open offices in Europe and India to promote immigration and investors in the province of New Brunswick.