New insight by Minister Marco Mendicino about Covid-19

Canada immigration

Marco Mendicino, who is the Canada’s Immigration Minister, recently came on the Canadian television show, The Agenda. On that show he shared fresh information regarding the state of the immigration system in Canada.

The interview lasted 20 days and while taking on broad range of immigration topics, he also explained how the federal government is aiming to cope with the impacts of Covid-19 that are still ongoing.

Most of the things he discussed were

  • Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023
  • Canadian citizenship

Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023:

Mendocino stated that the government of Canada had a tough choice to make regarding the Immigration due to the outbreak of the pandemic. The choices were to either reduce immigration or to pause it until further notice but the government choose to continue with the immigration and welcome immigrants after and during the spread of Pandemic to support it prosperity. According to the Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023, Canada will welcome 400,000 immigrants over the year which is a new record for itself if we look at the past. He emphasized over the fact that this had to be done because immigrants play a very important role for job creation in Canada and they also help to fill the gaps in the labor market.

He was asked whether these targets where realistic looking upon the travel restrictions and disruptions because of Covid-19, the minister thought that they were as the IRCC has innovated during the pandemic. He also said that this pandemic has provided more opportunity to bring our attention to International students and temporary foreign workers to facilitate them to permanent residency.

Canadian Citizenship:

The minister also discussed a new pilot program that helps the eligible permanent residents to complete their application forms online and apply for it. He said that this program was also giving positive results. During the pandemic, Mendicino’s vision for the immigration system is to be contactless and virtual.

The interview overall suggested that the current targets set by the Canadian government regarding the immigration are quite realistic and the plan will help to achieve the desired results. The government will gradually reduce restrictions to further help the immigrants to move to Canada.