How to get Permanent Residence in Canada after the proposition of Bill 9

Since the Quebec Government has passed Bill 9, there have been several changes to be expected in the Canadian immigration procedure. The proposed legislation was passed on Sunday, June 16 by a vote of 62 to 42 after 19 hours.

The objective of the enactment, the administration says, is guaranteeing that migrants to Quebec are better incorporated and subsequently better prepared to prevail in Quebec’s labor market.

What is Bill 9 about?

The Bill 9 of the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) was voted on Sunday morning by the National Assembly and there are many things, which have made this bill a controversial one. The Bill 9 is found to be very controversial as it would become the reason for the cancellation and elimination of applications by thousands of skilled workers who have already applied for Canadian immigration. The CAQ has promised to reduce newcomers by twenty percent (20%) for 2019, to around 40,000.

How to get Permanent Residency in Canada now?

As the Bill 9 has already passed, so a candidate, who is willing to get permanent residency, needs to clear the values test and the French language test. Previously, an applicant was allowed to appear for an English language test or the French language test, but once the bill will be enforced, then it will become compulsory for the candidate to pass the French language test. This test is necessary before getting a permanent residency to Canada.

What is the major effect of Bill 9?

There are thousands of applications for skilled workers program for permanent residency which are there in the pipeline for years. But right after the implication of the bill, it is revealed that the government would be able to cancel 18,000 applications.

Is there still time to apply now?

Fortunately, you still have time to apply for permanent residency because all the obligations and rules of Bill 9 are related to the skilled worker program. During this entire period, applicants who wish to live a beautiful life with their families in Canada, still have a great chance to apply for the immigration through Quebec Investor Immigration Program.

Apply for Permanent Residency through Quebec Business Investment Program

Propelled in 1986, the Quebec Investor Program (QIIP) is the biggest and most prominent Canadian business and investment program for migration. So here are some of the advantages of QIIP

Permanent residency

In Canada along with your family. The applicants and their dependents can enjoy all the rights of a permanent resident of Canada like healthcare, education, work or study anywhere in Canada and other perks.

Quick and simple process:

Program having the paper-based application, it is a straight forward with fewer processing steps.

Fastest Immigration Program:

QIIP being one of the fastest programs offers the approval of the application in 6 to 8 months.

No waiting period:

The program has no waiting period. So, unlike other programs, your qualification in IIP leads to permanent residency.

Requirements of the Program:

In order to qualify, requirements which are necessary to be fulfilled for the QIIP are

  • Having acquired a net worth of yourself or with the accompanying spouse or de facto spouse of CAD $2 million. The net worth may include your assets such as real estate properties, cash at banks, shares, TDR, Businesses, etc.
  • Experience of business or employment for about 2-years at least within the five years preceding the application for a selection certificate.
  • Invest a non-refundable amount of CAD $350,000 after the application is approved.

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