Portugal Residency Program Still a Rock Solid Choice for Prospective Immigrant Investor?

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program allows all the people around the world to gain residency through their investment. It is very easy and beneficial. Since 2015 the government has been expanding the program. The visa gives many opportunities for investors living in Portugal. Until now this year the golden visa program has generated around € 56 million till July, there are still a few months left until the end of 2020. Last year this program generated around € 96 million.

To obtain the Permanent Residency of Portugal, you are having two investment options, purchase of an real estate property/properties worth of €500,000 OR minimum of €350,000. If you select lowest investment options then you will need to comply with certain other conditions which our experts can explain while the high investment option is unconditional.

The marvelous benefits of Portugal’s Residency include extremely flexible residency requirements, you need to spend 35 days in 5 years to acquire European citizenship through Portugal, while becoming a resident you can enjoy visa-free travel between the Schengen region with 26 states and Europe, live with family in a beautiful & politically stable country, good rate of return on your investment, other important facilities like free education and best healthcare system, the immediate family members of the investor, such as spouse, children and parents will be given residency without any additional investment. The opportunities don’t just end here. The investors can apply for citizenship after 5 years without living in Portugal.

Every year Portugal’s Golden Visa Program attracts many investors from around the world. This year in July 2020, there were 108 main applicants whereas 202 dependent applicants who received their residency permit. The top among them was Chinese, followed by Americans. Since the start of this program in 2012, more than 9,000 investors and 15,000 of their family members got approved for the program. Most of the investors until now have chosen the first investment option.

The investors opted 3/8 options. They bought real estate of €350,000 to €500,000.

Immigration Ways have an expert team of real estate & legal advisors who can assist you in to make an investment which can comply with immigration requirements to ultimately obtain residency & subsequently European citizenship for you & your family.