People with Expired PR Visa may Travel to Canada 2020

PR visa Canada

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada have issued new guidelines for the holders of expired Permanent Residence visas. Applicants who have permanent residence visas and confirmation of permanent residence that is also known as Landing Papers are allowed by the immigration department to travel to Canada.

There has been an implementation of different policies. These policies are especially for the people who have the intention to stay and settle in Canada. The applicants who have been issued Permanent residence before March 18, and have it valid or expired are exempted from any restrictions on travel; they can travel to Canada for any non-discretionary to settle down in Canada and should also have had a plan to quarantine for 14 days in Canada.

Applicants who have an expired PR visa and landing papers are directed to contact the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada using a web portal. The concerned visa holder has to provide the essential information and expiry date of landing paper. Then IRCC will refer the application to the processing network, which will assess the application on the following criteria:

  • You must have employment and living plans in Canada
  • You must be willing to quarantine for 14 days in Canada along with the proof of funds
  • You have a travel itinerary

The applicants who have shared their travel plan in great detail are given more priority by IRCC.

These policies are strictly for the applicants who have an expired landing papers and PR visa. People who hold temporary residence are not applicable. However, such applicants can apply for a new permanent residence.