Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicizes new measures to control Covid-19 risks in Canada

As the risks of covid-19 increase, Justin Trudeau has introduced even stricter measures for the travellers. The government of Canada has issued new measures for the travellers entering Canada. The announcement made by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was after Canadian provinces pressured to implement tougher travel restrictions.

Airlines like WestJet, Sun wing; Air Transat and Air Canada are suspending their flights from Sun destinations. These measures will be in practice until April 30. The prime Minister commented that the leadership of all these airlines are in contact with him to make sure that the strict measures are being followed.

The international flights can only land in Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto from the next week. All the travellers coming to Canada will have to take the Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction test when they arrive to Canada. After the test they will have to stay at a hotel which will be designated by the federal government at their own expense for three days. The cost for the hotel will be 2000 CAD. If the test result comes in as negative, the traveller will have to further quarantine seven days at home. However, if the results are positive, the travellers will have to stay at a designated government facility.

The Prime Minister further said that all the travellers entering from the US land border will have to take the test and demonstrate that the test is negative.

The emergence of new variants of the coronavirus in Brazil, South Africa and the UK are more concern for the international travellers to Canada. The new travel restrictions set by the government will minimize travelling to protect all the Canadians. Recently, the Prime Minister have asked Canadians not to plan any non-essential travel and for those who have to travel will have to go through rapid testing and stay at supervised quarantine designated hotel at their own expense.

Travel from the US to Canada is subject to monthly extensions, the current ban of US non-essential travel is in effect till February 21, 2021.

There are few people who are exempted from the travel restrictions set recently. Immediate and extended family, certain international students, Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and certain temporary foreign workers are exempted. Canada also requires all the international travellers to provide a proof of negative test done within 72 hours of the departure for Canada. The travellers all have to make a quarantine plan before hand and will have to inform the government prior to arrival and specify how and where it will be carried out.

All the travellers should also send all their information to Canadian border services officers by using the ArriveCAN app. They will also have to learn how to comply with the measures of corona virus. The should be used daily by all the international travellers.