Quebec Opens Application Window For AI, IT and Visual Effects Pilot

pilot program

Quebec has opened an application window and has started accepting applications for its pilot program. This pilot program will aim for workers in Information technology, artificial intelligence, and visual effects. There are going to be 550 candidates selected every year under Quebec immigration. The candidates can already be temporarily in Quebec or they can come from a foreign country.

The application window will commence from April 22 – October 31, 2021. With this program the government of Canada wants companies in Quebec to hire the best talent internationally to accelerate and support technological advancements and innovation.

“More than ever, Quebec’s economic recovery needs innovative and promising tools for wealth creation.”

The IT, AI, and visual effects workers pilot program:

The program is split between two pathways. One of the pathways is for people working in AI and the other one is for people working in IT along with specialization in visual effects.

Around 275 candidates will be selected from the AI pathway, candidates who are already working in Quebec or have accepted a full-time job In artificial intelligence and have the following:

Enrolled in a fresh training program or have at least a level 7 proficiency in the French language.

Candidates applying for the first program and have been graduated from outside of Quebec have to follow the following criteria:

An annual salary of $100,000, a university degree equivalent to a bachelor’s in Quebec, or two years of work experience in jobs with NOC codes, and a university degree equivalent to a bachelor’s in Quebec.

Candidates who are graduates of Quebec should follow the following criteria:

A specialized graduate diploma and work experience.