Quebec to end lockdown and re-open Cities in late May

Quebec end curfew

As things are getting back to normal all over the world, from May 31, the region of Quebec will also be getting to normal under three step by step reopening plan which was unveiled on Tuesday. On the first stage of reopening it will be declared an orange zone under which gyms and restaurants will be allowed to open under new restrictions. High school students will be allowed to take physical on-campus classes.

After this first stage on May 31, the second stage will start after two weeks by June 14. This will be called a yellow zone. Under this second stage, people will be allowed to visit each other and bars will reopen as well. Few days before the yellow zone starts, open-air dining will be allowed.

After this, the third stage will start, under this stage more relaxed rules will come into play as this stage will be called the green zone. At this stage, around 2500 people will be allowed outdoors and up to 10 people will be allowed for a get-together indoors.

Curfews will end everywhere in the whole province

After May 28, most of the curfews will end everywhere in the whole province. This is considered to be a big step forward. Premier Francois Legault praised people to get vaccinated promptly which made the province reach its benchmark for vaccination of the first shot almost a week early.

Prevent quick-rising among the Covid cases

These stages are developed to prevent quick-rising among the Covid cases. This will allow public health to keep a close eye on the number of cases. Even after deploying these stages, people will have to follow SOPs and wear a mask.

The province is predicted to be 75 percent vaccinated by June 15 which is around a week earlier than the prediction.