The Regime Change thatโ€™s gonna Affect Canadian Business Immigrants: 30th April 24

Important Updates from Canadian Immigration that may affect federal capital firms, potential investors, businessmen

The Canadian Immigration Ministry has recently made some important changes that may affect federal capital firms, potential investors, businessmen, and groups.

ย If you are associated with any of them, you should not miss out on these changes, which have been in effect since April 30th, 2024.These changes may impact your business settlements or investment plans.ย 

The changes can be divided into three parts.

Firstly, only ten business start-ups per designated organization will be allowed in a year. The Immigration Ministry has implemented this to reduce the burden of backlogs and increase the processing time for already taken-in applications for federal and startup businesses.ย 

Secondly, entrepreneurs associated with capital businesses or a business incubator rooted in Canada’s Tech Network will be facilitated for faster application processing.ย 

Thirdly, to reduce the load of inventory applications that are yet to be processed, any new application for self-employed business visas will not be entertained.ย 

If you are an experienced business immigrant or a successful firm, this news might have impacted your business course or investment plan.ย 

However, Canada is a great place for permanent residency, business settlements, and securing a free space between two countries and different marketplaces.ย 

If you plan to move to Canada but have concerns due to these recent changes, feel free to contact our experienced and cooperative business advisory team. We’ll attend to all your worries and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call on Immigration-ways