Unlock Your Career Oasis: Canada Reigns Supreme as the Ultimate Work Wonderland!

Canada: Voted the World's #1 DreamWork Destination.

A recent study by the British company Givetastic found that Canada is the most popular global destination for work. They looked at how often people in different countries searched for terms like “jobs” and “work” each month. After analyzing the data and considering translations, they identified the top choices for working abroad in almost every country.

The study surveyed people from 164 countries and highlighted Canada’s attractiveness due to its strong healthcare system, employee benefits, and active job market. Interestingly, 56 countries, which is 34.1% of all countries surveyed, ranked Canada as their top choice for working abroad, highlighting its reputation as a leading workplace destination.

The top dream work destinations according to Givetastic’s study were:

  • Canada (top choice in 56 countries)
  • Germany (13 countries)
  • Qatar (11 countries)
  • U.K. (8 countries)
  • Switzerland, Australia (7 countries each)
  • Spain, U.S. (6 countries each)
  • Malta (5 countries)
  • Niger, Portugal (4 countries each).


Givetastic used a similar approach to find the best places to move for work. By looking at Google searches, they found that Dubai is the top choice for work-related emigration, being the most searched city in 69 out of 150 countries. Quebec was a strong contender, being the top choice in 28 countries, including Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, and Cameroon, showing its global appeal.


Givetastic’s research shows that people from various countries, like Bangladesh, Chile, Ecuador, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States, see Canada as a top choice for work.

Canada is favored by many for work and immigration because it provides a high standard of living. This includes benefits like universal healthcare and excellent educational opportunities.

Canada is known for being a safe and peaceful country with a low crime rate, making it a friendly place for immigrants and their families. It’s also one of the most diverse countries, promoting inclusion and respect for all cultures and religions. This welcoming environment makes it easy for immigrants to settle in and become part of Canadian society.

Canada is committed to building a diverse workforce and achieving socio-economic growth. It offers various immigration programs, sponsorship opportunities, and work and study permit programs. Key programs include the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), which grant permanent residency to eligible foreign nationals. In 2022, Canada set a record by granting permanent residency to over 437,000 foreigners in a single year.

Looking ahead, Canada has outlined its Immigration Levels Plan for 2024-2026. The plan aims to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents in 2024, 500,000 in 2025, and maintain that level in 2026. This plan focuses on economic growth, family reunification, responding to humanitarian crises, and acknowledging the recent increase in immigration.