Update on Canada Immigration During COVID-19 outbreak

Can I travel to Canada now or in near future? A most common asked question after  Coronavirus disease COVID19-outbreak.

Canadian Government has provided very important update for all the travelers who are planning to Visit Canada after the Coronavirus disease Covid19-outbreak. Exemptions will provide benefit to the foreign nationals who have their study, work or other commitments in Canada.The temporary foreign workers, International Students and the Permanent Residents who have got their visas before advised date can travel to Canada.

International Students admitted in the Canadian universities who held their valid study permit or had been approved for study permit before 18th March 2020 can travel to Canada. Although these exemptions are being provided by the Canadian Government, but traveling people needs to follow all other rules and regulations. Foreign students are given special consideration in the exemptions update so they can play their useful role in the Canadian economy.

Permanent residents who have their dreams to live in Canada can also take Canada immigration with full advantage of the exemptions update. Top professionals who can play their role in the Canadian economy and they have also granted for the visa before 16th of march 2020 needs to grab this opportunity allowed by the Canadian government. Some other exemptions were also offered by the Canadian Government earlier and these exemptions were beneficial for the foreign nationals who have an invitation from the Government of Canada. Close family members of the citizens and permanent residents of Canada can also take full benefits from these exemptions.

People who have their visas issued before travel restriction announced on 16th of March 2020 in certain specified categories can travel to Canada. You must check exemptions and updates specifically related to your particular visa category by Government of Canada. Everyone is advised to take all the precautionary measures while travelling due to the excessive spread of Covid-19. Peopletravelling to Canada will have to comply with isolation period of 14 days as a mandatory requirement.

Canadian economy requires a lot of work force from the rest of the world and that’s the reason they are in constant need of the foreign workers as well as students. Foreign talent will not only play their pivotal role in the Canadian economy but it will also help in generating revenue. Although professionals from every field can utilize the benefit provided by the exemptions but foreign students and permanent residents can be at an added advantage.

Canada Immigration:

Further updates in the exemptions are also expected in few days. We will share with you when these updates will be available.