What’s Happening in USA long term Residency Visa?

The E2 Visa issued by the USA has been very popular as it allows individuals to work in the US-based on how much investment they are brought within the county. The Fiscal year 2019 has been very promising for the E2 Visa program in the US as it has performed third-best year on record, while 2016 is on the top with 44,243 applicants. Around 43,280 people applied through this scheme in the Fiscal year of 2019.

For this long term residency visa, the minimum investment requirement is US$ 50,000 but as a general guidance we suggest an investment between US$ 100,000-200,000. The visa officer would like to see that your sole purpose of applying this visa is to conduct business in USA, either you can establish a new enterprises or invest in an existing business ideally acquiring 50% or more shareholding in it.

A total of 83 countries are registered for the E2 Visa facility. Among these countries, Pakistan is registered as well. The top five countries for the Fiscal year of 2019 were Germany, Japan, France, UK and Canada. Japan had the highest number of entries among these top five countries followed by Canada and Germany.

Most of the individuals shifted along with their families, having an average investment of around $250,000. This program alone raised $3.6 billion in the fiscal year 2019 in the US. Each individual who applied had received a 2 – 5 year Visa along with the family members which is extendable further and in some cases for indefinite period.

Concluding E2 visa is an opportunity for people who are willing to invest in their own business and wish to reside with family in the United States of America.