Vancouver / Completed 100 Invitations for Business Category on June 2, 2020

In June 2020, British Columbia invited 38 candidates from their Business Streams, with these new invitations, the sunny province completed a total of 100 invitations to Business People in first six months of 2020. BC-PNP conducted their selection draws in January, February, April & June.

BC-PNP Business Program is created to invite people from outside Canada to establish or purchase an existing business and create employments opportunities.

Here is the qualifying criteria, to be eligible:

• Within age limit of 25-64

• Net worth of minimum CA$ 600,000

• Minimum capital investment after relocation to British Columbia is CA$ 200,000

• Minimum 2 years of business or senior employment position experience

• Preferably having a Bachelor’s Degree

If you meet the criteria and need further assistance to apply in this program, please contact our office.