Visa refusal reasons for Canada

Visa Refusal reasons for Canada

Canada is perhaps one of the most attractive places to work, live, or simply visit as a tourist destination. A visit to Canada is always highly anticipated. Perhaps this is why a visa rejection for Canada is also even more disappointing. Add on the fact that these unfortunate applicants may have to wait a whole year before they could apply again is even more hurtful.

You should know that whenever Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) rejects your visa application, they don’t have to provide detailed reasons to you. In which case, you may be left wondering why exactly your visa was rejected when everything appeared to be perfectly fine. We have compiled a list of possible reasons why this could have happened so.

  1. Insufficient proof of funds:

It is very possible that you are unable to show enough money and resources for your visit. In this case, your visa application can be rejected. You should provide a definite proof of the sufficiency of your resources to live there.

  1. Irrelevant explanations:

Precision is key here. When filling out the form for visa application, you don’t have to fill in long answers. Stick to the point and keep it clear, brief and precise.

  1. Unable to meet health requirements:

Health is an extremely important issue and is never taken lightly especially for visa processing. If there is a chance that you would cause danger to public health and safety, you may be rejected. Or perhaps if your health is likely to demand excessive social services, you can be rejected in this case too.

  1. Criminal case pending:

One of the guaranteed visa rejection reasons is if you have been involved in any criminal activities. The Canadian High Commission is quite strict when it checks your application and will directly reject your application if there is any hint of nefarious activities.

These are the most common reasons for visa rejection of Canada. Any person wishing to enter the country must thoroughly check that all his documentation is in order and none of the above-mentioned reasons apply to him.