Visa Refusal Reasons for UK

Visa Refusal reasons for UK

Planning to apply for a United Kingdom visa? Then it’s best for you to avoid some common mistakes which might turn into your refusal reason.

At the point when your visa application is refused, it might be disappointing, confounding, and frustrating for you. But the truth is that UK visa refusal isn’t an infrequent thing; it occurs on regular bases. When your visa application is refused you have two choices to go for, you can choose to make an appeal against their decision or you can make a new application – however, both of these choices cost time and money. Because of this, it is important for you to avoid all these common refusal reasons for UK.

To make this easier for you we have gathered some common mistakes for you to avoid.

Not submitting the right documents.

It’s a very important thing to supply all the required documents based on your visa application type. Every visa category contains a different requirement.

Submission of documents in a wrong format.

Side by side presenting the right documentation, it is likewise necessary that you attach your documents in the right organization. Don’t simply send them in bundles – they must be well organized. You have to put them in the right format. Even the right color of ink should be used while filling the form or printing.

Absence of specific evidence.

When you visit the official site of the Home Office, you may observe their recommendation to be very basic and straightforward. But, you can’t miss critical things like an important date or an official document as it might prompt your UK visa refusal.

Not disclosing of previous issues.

If in previous events you have had any immigration or legal issues or criminal convictions, you can never hide this information from them; they miss nothing but question everything. If you fail to disclose any previous issue it can create problems in your future visa applications. It counts as an attempt to deceive the home office.

Applied Wrong Visa Type.

It is very essential that you apply for the right visa category, as each is intended for the different reasons for immigration.

Failure of IELTS

For most of UK visas, you have to accomplish specific requirements of English language. More often, the minimum required score is B1, however, in some cases; B2 could be a minimum required course. If you can’t provide these necessities, all things considered, your visa will be refused.