What can we Expect? Canadian Immigration 2021

Canada immigration

The year 2020 was the year of pandemic. The pandemic still impacts on the immigration system of Canada regardless of the results in 2020.

Canada welcomed 341,000 new immigrants in the year 2019. Going with the same progress, Canada accepted high immigrants till the start of 2020 when in March the corona virus took all over the world as a global crisis.

From March 18th, Canadian government implemented Covid-19 travel restrictions which restricted foreign nations to enter Canada. However, Immigration processing continued in form of Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry System.

Since the corona virus is totally unpredictable and fluid in nature, it is very uncertain what will the Canadian government will do about the immigration system in 2021. What we can expect is that there are certainties which will benefit the future immigrants and Canada. One thing is for sure that the Immigration system of Canada will not return to normal until the coronavirus is over. Talking about the end of coronavirus, Canada has approved several vaccines. One of the largest vaccine campaigns has started in Canada in December 2020. Canada has the aim to vaccinate all those people who want to be vaccine by September 2021. Vaccine will be the only way to bring back the immigration system to normal in Canada. Another component is to ensure that the people travelling into Canada are virus free.

It is important to note that despite the pandemic spread globally, Canadian government were committed towards welcoming international students, foreign workers and immigrants. They keenly followed the new 2021-2023 immigration levels plan of welcoming 400,000 new immigrants per year. It seems to be difficult for Canada to achieve these numbers as the pandemic continues.

The vaccine is providing to be helping the Canadian government to explore the changes in the restrictions to the immigrants or international students. The people who have been vaccinated and have a negative test can travel easily and can enter the country. This would help the country to get an economic boost and increase the flow of newcomers to Canada. The main reason to increase the numbers in the 2021-2023 immigration levels plan was to help Canada recover from the pandemic. We will however get a clear picture during the first month of 2021 when the prime minister will issue new mandate letters to the cabinet members.