What You Need To Know To Avoid Immigration Fraud

Tragically, migration misrepresentation is a reality all around the world. Yet! The more you know, the more secure you will be in ensuring your money and your assets. We do our best to provide relevant and important information to immigrants with the goal that they are in the best position to avoid any cheating or fraud. We’ve gathered the most essential points when working with an Immigration agent so as to shield yourself from extortion.

Which source are you using to get the immigration information

Presuming that you have gotten a spontaneous email or telephone call from a person claiming to be an immigration agent, it might be a scam. Except if you have had specifically reached an agent, you ought to be careful. It is impossible that one would connect with you first.

While looking for immigration information on the web, it is important to be aware of a suspicious web page. In case the site is demonstrating an alternate URL, it’s an indication of a fake website.

Who is your representative for immigration?

There are two sorts of Immigration delegates that are legitimately approved to deal paid customers through the immigration process:

  1. Immigration lawyers
  2. Immigration consultants.

Immigration lawyers:

Must have to finish a three-year degree, they are likewise required to finish the law student review and should be enlisted with a registered provincial bar affiliation. They have several years of post-secondary education and can represent you in case, your application is brought under judicial review.

Immigration consultants:

Are not attorneys, in general, they get certifications in order to become the immigrant specialist.

How to be sure of the services of your immigration agent.

There are some essential warnings for you to know when you are deciding to take administrations from immigration delegate. In case they can’t prove their authenticity, or can’t obviously offer a route for you to affirm their certifications, you must be suspicious. Also, there is no real way to totally ensure the acknowledgment of an immigration application to any country. Regardless of whether the case appears to be simple, the choice will dependably rest with the individual visa officer managing the case.

At last, if your taken service for immigration is requesting that you pay to a personal bank account. You should take this as a red signal. Authentic legal advisors and specialists will have a corporate bank account in order to transfer funds safely.