Why Immigrate to Canada?

canada immigration

Around 11,000 Pakistanis move to Canada every year. Pakistani migrating to Canada are growing rapidly due to their English language fluency, Professional Work experience and high level of education. Many Pakistanis are successful Under Canada’s Express Entry System. In fact, if we look at the statistics, Pakistanis are number four among the source countries of successful immigrants under the Express Entry System.

Canada is one of the easiest countries to immigrate. Immigrants who come to Canada contribute a lot towards the community and the economy. The top ten reasons to immigrate to Canada are:

Canada has been ranked as number one all around the world:

Among many other surveys, the survey conducted by PR Newswire has rated Canada among the best countries in the world. This survey included questions related to career development from different generations. Most of them perceived that Canada was overall the best country. Among starting a carrier, people also mentioned that Canada has easy living conditions.

Canada’s economy is thriving:

The economy and infrastructure in Canada has been rising. The country has been ranked at 11th among the richest countries in the world. Being a developed country, Canada has a thriving service industry.

Canada has a vast Job market:

The employment rate in Canada is lower than 10% and it is reported that every month around 58,000 jobs are created all over the country. There are many opportunities to learn new skills and employment in Canada.

Canadian citizens have high quality of live:

An average Canadian lives upon the age of 81. Vast open spaces and fresh air in Canada have been contribution towards the high quality of life. The government also takes good care of the citizens in Canada.

Canada is the safest:

If we compare the results from all around the world, Canada has one of the lowest crime rates. Citizens in Canada have zero tolerance policy on violence and domestic abuse.

Canada has government funded institutions:

Healthcare and education in Canada are by most government funded as it is a basic right for everyone to have access to them. Canadians are very much educated and get free medical attention as well.

One of the most educated country in the world:

More than half of the people in Canada have college degrees and most of them also have university degrees. This also helps the country to boost economy and other related industries. There are many opportunities in Canada for individuals.

A world class public transport system:

The transportation in Canada is effortless, there are 13030 airports and other transit systems for people to commute easily.

Canada is Beautiful:

Canada has the most lakes and the largest coast line in the world. The natural beauty of Canada is unparalleled.

Canada has a multicultural society:

The country accepts 300,000 new comers every year which is why Canada has large population of different cultural backgrounds and religions.