Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – Business Program

Ontario is one of the most populous and multicultural province in Canada. It is the social, economic and financial inland of the country. The...

British Columbia Provincial Nomination Entrepreneur Program – Business Program

British Columbia, the most ethnically diverse province is home to the Canada’s third largest city Vancouver. Multiculturalism is a way of life in B.C....

Immigration Ways

Skilled Immigration:

 3-year Immigration Plan 2020-2022 | Announced by Citizenship & Immigration   Canada (CIC)


Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program

Just imagine how beautiful it would be to live the rest of your life with your family in a place that resembles Eden on...

Immigrant Investor Visas United States of America

Overview The First Step: File a Petition Next Steps: Fees and Visa Application Can My Family Members also Receive Immigrant Visas? Numerical Limitations ...




Quebec end curfew

Quebec to end lockdown and re-open Cities in late May

As things are getting back to normal all over the world, from May 31, the region of Quebec will also be getting to normal...
Canadian government has closed the land border with the US

Canadian government has closed the land border with the US

The Canadian government has closed the land border with the US. The Americans want the border to be open in order to increase the...
pilot program

Quebec Opens Application Window For AI, IT and Visual Effects Pilot

Quebec has opened an application window and has started accepting applications for its pilot program. This pilot program will aim for workers in Information...
Canadian spouse visa

How to apply for a Canadian spouse visa

Canada is one of the perfect places to live with your family and settle with the best standards. Canada has a very diverse society...
Quebec immigrant Investor Program

Future of Quebec immigrant Investor Program

It has been decided by the Quebec government and it will also be published this Wednesday in the official Gazette that the Quebec Immigrant...