The Golden Visa Stream is an approved Government Program by Portuguese Government. It started back in 2012, in this program, you are allowed to make an investment of €500,000 or €350,000 or €280,000 in real estate with full rights and acquire European Residency and Potential Citizenship in the country (European citizenship).

The stability & success of the program is depicted by the total investment in this program which is approximately €4,622,042,687/=

Are you Eligible?

The requirements are simple and straight forward as follows:
1. You & your family should have clear criminal background
2. You must be able to make qualifying & acceptable investment in Portugal
3. Medical insurance to cover any stay in Portugal (which is usually 1-2 weeks maximum)

Residency Requirements:

Portuguese Government provides very relax residency environment for investors, you & your family can enjoy a vacation trip & fulfill residency obligations! It is only seven (07) days in first year and fourteen (14) days in 2 years & subsequent 2 years and you can qualify for European Citizenship.
Along with the relaxed residency requirements, you need to pass a simple basic Portuguese Language Test for which our team in Portugal will assist you & your family. And maintain a clean criminal background to get the European Citizenship.

Details of the Program:

The salient features of the program are mentioned below:
• Investment of €350,000 in an approved project.
• The project is owned by a huge real estate developer company.
• The real estate developer company is able to provide a commitment of ‘Buy Back Guarantee’ after 5 years. A legal agreement will be established between you and real estate developer company giving guarantee that your investment of €350,000 will be given back to you as it is without any deduction after 5 years. This agreement will have its legal existence and is valid as per the laws of Portugal.
• This particular project will give you a return of 3% profit on your investment per anum, which is cumulatively 15% profit after 5 years.

How to proceed:

1. Sign Client Facilitator Agreement (CFA) and pay initial fees.
2. Collection of necessary documents to prepare Legal Package (when applicable) and civil documents for attestation, except time-sensitive documents which will be requested at later stage.
3. a. Book appointment with Portuguese Embassy for signature and attestation of documents in Investor’s country of residence.
b. Visit Portugal to open bank account in person and sign legal documents at law firm, provided necessary documents were previously collected in country of residence (implies valid Schengen visa).
4. Transfer investment funds into opened bank account.
5. Collection of remaining documents, including time sensitive documents, required for application and due attestation.
6. Execution of title deed and property transfer to Investor’s name.
7. Preparation of all investment-related documents to be submitted online by lawyer.

Online Application:

1. Online submission of main applicant’s file at SEF (Immigration and Borders Service) and payment of related fees— performed by lawyers through POA.
2. Subsequent online submission of dependents’ file at SEF and payment of related fees— performed by lawyers through POA.
3. Review and assessment of file by SEF.
4. Notification of approval sent online by SEF.

Final Approval:

1. Appointment at SEF for biometric collection of all family members.
2. Mandatory trip to Portugal for collection of biometric data and other relevant procedures for 2 business days (implies valid Schengen visa).

This includes:

a. Sign banking documents and collection of online banking passwords
b. Visit selected investment project
c. Meet and sign documents at law firm or developer’s office
d. Collection of biometrics at SEF and final submission of application

3. Notification of final approval from SEF.
4. Issuance of residency cards